Best medical spa in the world! I have lived all over the world and never gotten the results that I have at Snooty. My skin looks amazing. Their hydrafacials and PRP produce amazing results. In addition they really know how to recommend the right skincare products for your needs! 
Courtney M.
4 Year Client
Hello to the other guys out there who have considered using the services of Snooty “The Male Room”. I can tell you from my experience that they work. The staff are all first class, and treat you with the respect and privacy you may desire. I had already been diagnosed with low-“T” (Testosterone) from my previous doctor. If your medical insurance doesn’t cover the cost of weekly “T” injections, then Snooty is the best value there is. Energy, strength, mental focus, stamina, libido, muscle tone, and other important male functions, all will be improved if you maintain healthy “T” blood levels. In my case, “T” therapy also decreased my bad cholesterol levels, high glucose levels, and helped eliminate midsection fat. My muscle tone improved and my body weight decreased by 30 pounds, from 210 to 180. So now to the meat of the matter so to enhancement procedure. I had it done, and I am glad I did! It was well worth the cost. They use a top of the line Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix kit for the process. The end result, it works! In my case, it made me have the performance levels as though I was 35 again. I am in my 50’s, and after years of low “T” things didn’t work like they used to. As in anything in life, individual results may vary from person to person, but I am very thankful for the procedures, and the results that I have experienced from the team at Snooty. They even have a private waiting lounge for men, to make your visits more comfortable while you’re there. My advice, just make the call to Snooty to change your life, you’ll be glad you did, and so will your significant other!
Steve B.
2 Year Client
I had the absolute best experience at Snooty! The atmosphere is opulent but at the same time warm and inviting, especially Shannon and the helpful staff! You will be treated with care and kindness from check in to check out. Shannon is experienced and professional. She will help you look and feel your very best! I'm so thankful for her and her expertise! 
Leah W.
4 Year Client