Human  Growth  Hormones, otherwise known as HGH, is a naturally produced hormone that stimulates growth. Unfortunately, as adults by the time we reach the age of 30, HGH starts to gradually decline. HGH can continue to decline at about 12-15% per decade, and sometimes even more.

Sermorelin Therapy fights the effects of aging and promotes weight loss. This treatment can potentially slow the effects of aging by spurring the growth of new tissue, muscles, and synapses in the brain. This product also has the potential to help the brain think more clearly and boost mood and energy levels. There are many other benefits to Sermorelin Therapy.


    • Increases energy, vitality, strength, and endurance
    • Increases lean body mass by developing new muscle cells
    • Breaks down body fat and fatty acids
    • Improves heart function
    • Increases calcium retention which strengthens and increases bone density
    • Enhances immune system and accelerates healing from wounds or surgery
    • Promotes better sleep quality
    • Boosts estrogen and testosterone levels