What can be more natural than using your own body’s natural healing properties to stimulate healing? Instead of taking drugs or another artificial means of treatment, Platelet Rich Plasma makes use of your body’s natural ability to heal itself. By concentrating healing properties and applying them directly to injured tissue, we can initiate or speed up healing in a previously unresponsive tissue or joint.

PRP is a 2 Step Process

The PRP is harvested initially by drawing blood from the patient’s own body and spinning it down in a high-speed centrifuge. This divides the blood into red blood cells at the bottom and plasma at the top of the tube. In the middle is a thin layer of platelet rich plasma that has healing constituents such as growth factors and platelets. They are then carefully extracted and drawn into a tube, ready to be injected in inflamed, injured and degenerative ligaments, muscles or joints.


The second step is administering the PRP concentrate with an injection (in most cases). This allows the patients own plasma to be injected into the desired area and hea itself. 

The third step is recovering. Since entire procedure is not particularly painful. Since the injection is actually less uncomfortable than the blood draw, patients don’t worry that the procedure is more than they are willing to tolerate. Patients will return to work or normal activities after the injection.

Who is a Candidate for PRP?

PRP is an effective and an all-natural option for patients of all ages. It has become our first option for patients suffering with achilles tendonitis, knee osteoarthritis, muscle strains, tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, and more.

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