Lipo-C Injections
Lipo-C increases energy, stimulates metabolism, and promotes weight & fat loss. This lipotropic injection promotes body fat reduction and preserves lean muscle tissue. These injections also have the added bonus of maintaining healthy liver function.

What is Lipo-C?

For many, diet and exercise alone aren't enough to remove stubborn fat - even with consistent, hard work. What may be the case is a total lack of essential vitamins and minerals that enable you to lose fat in the first place. Fortunately, a treatment exists in the form of Lipo-C, a custom formulated lipotropic injection used to promote body fat reduction and preserve lean muscle tissue. As an added bonus, lipotropic injections can also be used to maintain healthy liver function and protect it from disease.

How does it work?

An issue that many people don't realize is that the body requires nutrition and specific vitamins to stimulate the body into removing the fat it stores in problem areas. Lipotropic nutrients are what the body uses to encourage and support the removal of fat from the liver. They also aid in ensuring that excess fat gets burned off for energy instead of being stored for future use. On top of that, the nutrients also ensure that bile and fat don't build up in the liver, which can cause a slew of health problems and liver disease.

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