What is HCG Diet?

Finally, a complete weight loss system that works. HCG is a hormone women's body produce when they are pregnant.This hormone has been shown to have a drastic effect on weightloss. What makes HCG different, is that when used in conjunction with a restricted diet of 500 calories per day, it promotes the LOSS OF FAT, NOT MUSCLE. This means that you will keep the weight off longer. Typically, women see results ranging from 0.5 -1 lb per day, and men averaging about 1 lb per day. This weight loss program comes complete with everything you need to make losing weight a success, including a diet plan with recipes.

  • Simple Program
  • Lose Half to One Pound Per Day
  • 23 Days of HCG Injections or Nasal Spray
  • 5 B-12 Lipo Shots
  • Meal Plan
  • Calorie Chart

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