Lipo-C Injections

For many, diet and exercise alone aren’t enough to remove stubborn fat – even with consistent, hard work. Fortunately, our Lipo-C injections are a combination of ingredients that help improve the breakdown of fat in the liver. People who promote Lipo-C injections claim that the shots can improve weight loss by speeding up the metabolism and elimination of fat.

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How It Works:

Lipo-C injections can help your body more efficiently burn fat, by allowing your body to use fat as energy and improve your metabolism and preserve glycogen stores, so your muscles have more endurance and stamina. Lipotropic injections help release fat throughout the body by specifically targeting its stored fatty deposits.  Lipotropics boost the body’s metabolic power by providing a highly effective temporary increase in metabolic function. When used in combination with balanced nutrition and regular exercise, Lipo-C injections can help boost energy and decrease fat.