Lifeline is the only skin care with advanced small molecule technology and powerful peptides extracted from non-embryonic human stem cells, fused with nutrients to help smooth, hydrate, and lift with lasting results.

Lifeline Skin Care products are more easily absorbed by the skin, because of our small molecule technology. The scientists have found a way to harness small molecule technology, allowing specialized ingredients to be absorbed into skin more easily and infinitely faster because of their low molecular weight. These micro-molecules work to firm and tone, awakening dormant collagen and more.



Lifeline Skin Care products have been evaluated in numerous independent clinical studies conducted by reputable Clinical Research Organizations and renowned dermatologists. The research and development team discovered that growth factors and peptides from human non-embryonic stem cells can significantly benefit the human skin. Clinical results showed that the products are not only safe, but also help to improve skin elasticity, clarity and luster, to decrease pigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles.

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