Tired of that Got-To-Go feeling?

Strengthen your pelvic floor with BTL EMSELLA®

EMSELLA® is FDA Approved to treat urinary incontinence in MEN and WOMEN

High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic technology deeply stimulates pelvic floor muscles in order to restore neuromuscular control. Using these contractions, the pelvic floor is repaired, giving patients control over their own bladder again. One EMSELLA® session is equivalent of performing 11,000 Kegel exercises. Stregthening your pelvic floor will help to control your bladder and bowel. When you have a weakened pelvic floor, you may experience difficulties controlling, holding, or releasing your urine. 

Sit Back and Relax

While you may think that EMSELLA® requires patients to endure invasive or uncomfortable procedures, this is NOT the case!


Sessions are non-invasive and non-surgical. There is no need to undress; simply come in and sit down for about 30 minutes. Patients remain fully clothed and can watch tv, scroll on a phone, or read a book during treatment.


It’s painless! Patients report feeling slight tingling and pelvic floor contractions during treatment. There should be nothing stopping you from returning to your or your daily activities immediately after your treatment. 


EMSELLA® is also FDA Approved to treat Vaginal Laxity

This terms refers to “looseness” in the vagina. Though many women don’t like to talk about it, this is very common and results in less satisfaction during intercourse due to a lack of sensation inside the vagina.




Additional benefits for Women may include enhanced orgasms as well as vaginal prolapse reversal(Vaginal Prolapse is a condition where the vagina slips out of position- often after multiple childbirths or menopause.)


Additional benefits for Men may include enhanced orgasms and help with erectile dysfunction.


Urinary incontinence is defined as the involuntary leakage of urine.

There are 3 types:


Stress incontinence: external pressure on the bladder that causes leakage (triggered by coughing, laughing, sneezing, or exercising)


Urge incontinence: a sudden & intense urge to frequently urinate


Mixed incontinence: a combination of both stress and urge incontinence

Common causes of a weakened pelvic floor include but are not limited to:




Pregnancy and childbirth




Strain from chronic constipation


Prostate cancer

EMSELLA® is a great option for both men and women of any age who struggle with any form of urinary incontinence.


5 clinical studies confirm that 95% of EMSELLA® patients report an improved quality of life after treatments.

BTL EMSELLA® utilizes electromagnetic energy to deliver 1,000’s of supramaximal pelvic floor muscle contractions each session. These contractions re-teach the muscles to perform properly- you can go to the bathroom on your schedule again!

Your provider will work with you to create a treatment plan.


An average treatment takes ~30 minutes and will require ~6 sessions 2x a week. 

Expect to experience tingling and pelvic floor muscle contractions during your treatment. You should be able to resume your daily activities immediately after each treatment. Users normally do not report any pain during or after treatment. 

Some patients notice results after only one session. The results will typically continue to improve over the next few weeks.


Results and patient experience may vary.

Real Patient Testimonials:

Results and patient experience may vary.