What is the Cryoprobe?

It is a pen-like instrument that utilizes the latest Cryotherapy technology.

Cryotherapy is a technique that utilizes freezing power from liquid nitrogen, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, argon and other various cryogenic gases. The application of cryotherapy freezes the abnormal cells that are associated with pesky and unsightly benign skin lesions, keratosis and pigmentation/sun damage and much more. The pen-like device allows for a quick, effective and direct treatment permeating to the perfect diameter and depth associated with the lesion. This allows little to no collateral damage outside the lesion border, sparing the healthy tissue.



Benefits of Cyroprobe

725 psi penetrates faster to the heart of the lesion

The pressure allows for a precise stream and no fall out spray

Allows for treatment right up to the border to ensure full treatment area

No anesthesia demanded

No scarring, minimal surface trauma

Fast healing of benign skin lesions



Results of CryoProbe

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