Perlane, like Restylane, is a dermal filler and a long-lasting gel. Once injected into the skin with an ultra-fine needle, it lifts and adds volume to help diminish fine lines. Made of a natural substance called hyaluronic acid, it is a completely safe treatment. The hyaluronic acid in Perlane simply supplements the body’s age-depleted hyaluronic acid to plump-up the lip or to raise the skin and ‘fill in’ the particular wrinkle being treated.

The difference between Restylane and Perlane is the size of the particle (with Perlane containing more hyaluronic acid). This means that Perlane is used for the filling of deep lines while Restylane is used in fine lines or in thin skinned people.
Perlane is an excellent treatment for deep wrinkle correction, and volume loss.
Perlane before and after

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