HydraFacial MD
The HydraFacial is a resurfacing procedure that thoroughly cares for your skin, providing cleansing and exfoliation, a customized gentle peel. followed by extractions and vacuuming and Hydration Peel to end.

Snooty Signature Facial
You are in for a treat! This facial includes an in depth skin analysis followed by a deep cleanse, extractions, a relaxing European massage and mask, best suited for your needs. Your skin will be rejuvenated and looking more beautiful.

30 minutes of our Snooty Signature facial with 20 minutes of Skin-Tyte broadband laser that stimulates collagen and elastin, leaving you looking tighter, brighter, and refreshed.

Deep Cleansing/Charcoal Facial
Perfect for acne prone skin…..Extractions will be performed with exfoliation then a brisk massage. High frequency is used to penetrate the perfectly selected RX product for your skin to kill acne causing bacteria. A charcoal mask is applied to minimize pores, balance PH and preserve healthy skin.

Caviar Facial
Treatment treats fine lines and dry skin starting with a gentle cleanse and aroma therapy steam. A European massage and extractions as needed. The exotic Caviar 2 piece mask is applied containing collagen, roe extract, vitamins, and CoQ10, which helps stimulate collagen. This treatment is followed by PH balancing and extreme hydration

Quick Acne Treatment
This treatment clears pores of debris, leaving skin clean and fresh. A deep cleanse, ionic steam, acne extractions, followed by a soothing mask and oil free hydration.

24KT Gold Facial
You truly deserve luxury!! It does’t get any richer than this gold powder and silk extract treatment it does not get any richer! Our 24kt high performance facial for aging skin involves a gentle cleanse ,aromatherapy steam, Upper Body European massage, and light extractions. A 24kt gold mask is then applied to lighten, moisturize, and help reduce melanin. The treatment is followed by pH balancing and intense hydration. You will know you’ve had a treat with this one!!